Time Keeps Flowing and it is Becoming Far and Few Between

Hey all, many of you know that I have been working my proverbial backside off over the last few months, with so much going on, it gives me so little time to do other things, such as have a bit of rest and relaxation from time to time.

So I have made the decision to cut down on a few things to allow me to take a much-needed break from time to time and to focus on the important work, which is my Blazing Minds website. The site is growing and growing and with the growth comes the amount of work to keep the award winning entertainment site up to date and flowing freely. The site is known for its reviews, so more work will be spent on the reviews of the latest cinema and DVD/Blu-ray releases as well as the upcoming movies that haven’t been released yet.

Along with the film reviews, I will still be working closely with the Venue Cymru, Theatr Colwyn, Rhyl Pavilion and Theatr Clwyd to bring the readers of the site new theatre reviews and news of upcoming shows to the venues, plus as with all the past work that I do for events, I’ll still be heading over to many venues for reviews of gigs and more, so as you can imagine all this takes time, not only just to view the films, shows etc but also with the travelling to and from, plus the writing of the reviews as well.

As time is the main issue and that Blazing Minds is so time-consuming, I have released my time by leaving as admin on a few facebook pages and groups, this has saved me so much in “distraction time” giving me more writing time etc without the distractions of from Facebook!

Many of you know that when I started Blazing Minds back in 2008 I had no idea that it would become as popular as it is, it is a site that I have built by myself and built up such a huge reputation and following over the years since it took off. The site allows me to produce my own photographs from events etc. which also gives me the benefit over other entertainment sites that need to have external sources for their work.

So what about this site?

Well this site is staying, I’m going to use it for my musings and anything else that isn’t Blazing Minds based, so if you do stop by now and again, this blog will start having more posts of a possible lifestyle niche and some slightly personal posts about life and other things that I feel like sharing.

Thanks for all your support everyone and let’s keep blogging.

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