Why I have a Few Social Media Accounts

So the other day I was asked about being on Twitter, Facebook and some of the other Social Media sites that are scattered around the internet.

The response from the person I was talking to was, “WHAT!”.

Probably not what I was expecting, but when it comes down to social media, you have to use it for your needs, sometimes having more than one account has to be done to separate the different hats that you wear.

Finding me on Social Media

OK, so I do have several accounts and am also a joint admin over some others to help with the running of sites and promotion, but for now, I’m just going to settle on the accounts that I use for me.

Twitter Accounts

Many of you will know about the Twitter for this website which is @KarenNWoodham, this Twitter account is used for my work with Canned Media and Lee Howard. On this Twitter account, you’ll find tweets about filming and more.

So if you’re interested in the what I’m up to and the rest of the Canned Media team then this is the Twitter Account to follow. But wait, there’s more!

Yes folks, back in 2008 I started a website called Blazing Minds, over the last 8 years the site has grown and grown, and now it is an Award Winning entertainment site with movie news & reviews, as well as theatre & event reviews, plus some very popular competitions.

The Twitter account itself has become very popular as well and has recently broken 28,000 followers. The @BlazingMinds twitter is mainly for the website these days and that is one of the key reasons that I have various accounts.

Facebook Pages

Besides, have a profile page, I have the Official Karen Woodham page over on Facebook, it’s a bit of a mix of the Twitter accounts on Facebook. It’s where I post about what’s happening with the filming and production that I may be involved with and I also re-post the Blazing Minds articles on there as well, plus some other bits n bobs.

The main Facebook page for me has always been the Official Blazing Minds Facebook page, the page is an extension of the Blazing Minds website, with posts sent over to the page and also other entertainment news posted up from various sources.

With just over 4,500 likes, the Blazing Minds Facebook page has been a key place over the years for people to stop by and see what’s happening on the website and then read the articles. The page has also adopted the “Instant Articles” system that Facebook as launched and now the website articles are quicker to read on your mobile phone on Facebook.

So please stop on by the Social Media accounts and give them a follow/like.

Cheers Everyone.

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