Evicted and An Interview with the Cast!

So some of you may have seen me tweeting about a short film that I’d been working on called “Evicted” Starring Steven Arnold, Jonny Dixon and Lawrence Stubbings, it was also directed by Steven Arnold & co-directed by Lee Howard.

At the end if the shoot I was asked by Lee Howard if I minded doing an informal interview with the cast of Evicted, how could I refuse, so we set up the camera to record the interviews, which you can find below, suffice to say Steven, Jonny and Lawrence were not only brilliant to see during the filming, but they were also great when it came to the interview.

We laughed so much during it that we decided to leave a lot of that in, so you can see just how much fun we had making it.

Evicted Interview

Find out more about Evicted and some exclusive screenshots from the film over at the Reel Lee Howard website.

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