It’s been one thing for me to have a blog and run Blazing Minds which has been very successful, it has even won an award for the event coverage.

But Blazing Minds is still up and running and will continue with the film, theatre and event coverage as it is my passion and it is down to the blog that I am now in the position that I am in now.

So Why This New Website?

Well, this new website is to keep things a little separate and not get everything jumbled up too much, this site is for my personal posts and photography that don’t really fall into place on Blazing Minds.

This website is the site I will be using for all of the above, I will also adding blog updates to the site about the projects that I am working on.

A Little History About Me

OK, here we go, I started Blazing Minds back in 2008, it was a slow start but after a movie review the site was noticed, this, in turn, started a snowball effect as more and more people started noticing the website. Then one day I met a photographer called Lee Howard, we started covering events together, with my social media experience and his photography we were much sort after.

In time Lee went off to work on a short movie Ghost Train, which I was asked to cameo in, I got the bug, we started working together on more projects and Best Picture Film and Video Star UK were born.

I was honoured to be an on-set photographer and Assistant Director in the video for Dene Michael’s new track Hold Me Now.

You can read my full about me on Blazing Minds. You can also find me on IMDB, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.