"I think there are advantages to different scales of filmmaking. You wouldn't want to do just one thing."

~ Christopher Nolan

Karen Woodham

Stills Photographer

Photography has always been a passion and after working on various events I’m now also working Behind The Scenes on various film projects as a Stills Photographer.

Film Production

From time to time I’ve been called upon to work with the Director and this has lead me to becoming an Assistant Director on a video for singer Dene Michael.


There has been a time when I have stepped in front of the camera for moments in film, this is more so as an extra to fill in those gaps in the background.

Social Media/Publicist

Being a blogger since 2008, I have developed a skill in Social Media and I am working closely as a Publicist for not only Director Lee Howard, but also for Canned Media.

a little about..


I’ve just finished working on a music video for the band Straight Jacket Legends and several other projects with Canned Media including SwingersEvicted and prior to that, a short film called First Love starring Steve Arnold, that will be released this year. Please check out my IMDB profile.